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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chezz Technique Hair Salon

Shopping or eating dessert makes girls feel good and what make me feel good?

Having a nice hair colour and smooth hair make me feel good!

The first thing I did after winning Jasmine Cover Girl Search 2014 was dying my hair lol.

And thanks to a friend of mine, Mandy who now based in Korea, she introduced Chezz salon to me so I decided to give it a try.

I went to their branch at Jalan Gasing, PJ.
I am impressed with their salon because it looks like a cafe with a lot of plants

Before I dye my hair, it's pretty dark in colour when you see me in real person but the lighting make it look brownish in the picture

I always wanted to dye my hair into silver-ish lilac but I have no gut to bleach my hair so I chose to go with ash brown

Yay! Smooth smooth hair

Their service is really good, I almost fell asleep when the stuff was washing my hair, her massaging skill is superb lol.

This is how my hair look after 2 days, my hair doesn't feel dry/damage at all because they are using Medavita (a brand from Italy) hair products which is different from the salon out there.

Now they are having promotion :

40% off ?! 50% off ?! What are you waiting for?
It's really a good deal, no harm trying

Check out their Facebook Page for more information

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jasmine Cover Girl 2014

I believe most of my Facebook friends already know that I just won the Jasmine Cover Girl search 2014 from all the photos around the internet which were posted by my friends and photographers :)

But what you guys see is only the pretty photos and I thought maybe I should share some of the inside stories. 

First of all, the most frequent question that people asked me is why would I join Jasmine Cover Girl Search 2014. To be honest, it is because I want to have more exposure and I hope that more people can recognize me through this competition.

Joining Jasmine Cover Girl Search with these young ladies definitely made me feel younger! 
From left to right, we have Lovell, Wendy (Best skin), Shuyng (1st runner up), Venus, Annie, Renee, Me, Poly (2nd runner up), Eunice, Cathy, Jia Ling and Andrea.
Lovell was the first girl who I speak with, not that I don't like the rest, it's just because she was sitting next to me during our makeover session. Haha

The first photoshoot I had after makeover. Make up done by MakeArt Academy.

When the organizer told us that we need to prepare our talent show for the final..... I was like...... "hiak!"

During the Q&A session, I did mentioned that talent show was the toughest part for me in the competition as I can't sing, I can't dance so well like other contestants and I can't play violin like Andrea. 

So! I've decided to perform a funny puppet show after a long discussion with my sifu which is my boyfriend lol. 

I love to act since I was a kid, I enjoy acting in weird characters and most of them are quite ugly such as Gollum (from the lord of the ring) hahahah. I think I was born as a comedian, I don't mind to act silly infront of the crowd as long as they are entertained. :)

I think we should be confident no matter what others think about us, everyone shines in their own way.

I definitely won't make it without them, they are my backbone and they are the best for me, I couldn't ask for more <3 

Thank you my Lord.


"Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord. For HE is good; HIS love endures forever." Psalm 106:1